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Bondo® Professional Gold Filler, 12.80 oz., 00237

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  • Bondo® Professional Gold Filler 233
  • Bondo® Professional Gold Filler 233
  • Bondo® Professional Gold Filler 233
  • Bondo® Professional Gold Filler 233
  • Bondo® Professional Gold Filler 233
Bondo® Professional Gold Filler, 12.8 oz, 00237, fills dents, holes, and scratches on challenging surfaces such as double-coated galvanized steel, which is commonly used on newer vehicles made since 1998. Our easy-to-use car body filler may also be used on aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, epoxy, and masonry.

Bondo® Professional Gold Filler, 12.8 oz, 00237 will quickly and easily fix a car dent or scratch. It is an excellent choice for filling low areas in damaged automotive sheet metal. Using our 3M state-of-the-art resin technology, this professional car body filler is easy to mix, apply and sand and is compatible for use with protective car film. It has a 3 to 5 minute working time and a 20-minute curing time, giving you the perfect balance of enough time to complete the repair with a fast cure that keeps your project moving forward on schedule. A special formulation makes this filler non-shrinking, non-reactive, and permanently durable with water resistance to limit rusting. Excellent sanding properties allow you to create a smooth patch that matches the surrounding surface beautifully. This filler comes with red cream hardener.

  • Professional-grade filler repairs dents, holes and scratches
  • Advanced formula applies smoothly and easily
  • Minimal shrinkage creates an ideal surface for painting
  • Superior adhesion works on galvanized steel
  • Includes cream hardener


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Read all directions and warnings for safe and proper application.

  1. Clean the repair area using soap and water followed by a residue remover or surface cleaner. Sand the surface as needed with 40 or 80 grit abrasive, Note: if grinding is required use a 50 grit grinding disc, blow off the sanding dust with clean dry air. Re-clean surface using a clean paper or cloth towel and a residue remover or surface cleaner.
  2. Apply the required amount of body filler to a clean mixing surface. (Do not use discarded cardboard as a mixing surface as contamination may occur). The correct hardener to filler ratio = 3 inch diameter circle a 1/2 inch thick of filler to a 3 inch strip of cream hardener or a golf ball size amount of filler to 1 1/4 inch strip of hardener.
  3. Mix the body filler and cream hardener thoroughly, to a uniform color. Gel time/setting time is approximately 3-5 minutes at 75° F (24° C) using 2% hardener as prescribed. Spread the filler on the mixing board, being sure to break any air bubbles that were introduced during mixing.
  4. Apply a thin layer using firm pressure to ensure maximum adhesion, being sure to "wet out" the surface completely. Apply additional filler in layers, building up the damaged area higher than the surrounding surface. Maximum filler thickness should not exceed 1/4 inch.
  5. File (using a “cheese grate” method) 8 to 12 minutes after application or allow curing time of 20 minutes. Sand the filler to the proper contour with abrasives, using the following recommended grade sequence: 40, 80, 180. Note: if more filler is needed, blow off with clean dry compressed air and follow steps 2 through 5.
  6. Wait approximately 45 minutes before applying primer and paint, always follow the recommended procedures of the paint supplier.


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UPC 00051131002371
3M Part Number 237
Case Quantity 12 per case
Case Inner Pack 1 quart
Performance Level Best